Frequently Asked Questions

When there is a fire, do all the sprinklers go off like in the movies?

No, only the sprinkler(s) in the area of the heat source activate, typically one to five sprinklers.

Do I need to be concerned about a sprinkler discharging accidentally?

No, accidental activation of a sprinkler is extremely rare.

Does a person need to turn on the sprinkler system when there is a fire?

No, a sprinkler system is on call 24-7. Sprinklers never sleep!

Don’t sprinklers cause more damage than they are worth?

The deluge of water from fire hoses causes much more water damage than water from a sprinkler system.

Is there an economic advantage to a sprinkler system?

Yes, the loss of property from a building without a sprinkler system far exceeds that of a fully protected building with a sprinkler system.

Isn’t a sprinkler system too expensive for installation in the home?

1%-2% is all the average sprinkler system would add to the cost of a renovation or new home. There is not one other system you could install in your home that will provide for the safety and peace of mind for you and your family.

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